History About Our School

Divine Intervention Model Schools is committed to build an exemplary, Virile and peace loving college resistant to mediocrity, Where morality, character formation, Academic Excellence and Vocational skills acquisition are Constantly and passionately prized by all. To prepare students for a productive future through A balanced, well structured school of the times via Collaborative effort of the staff, student and stake holders

Our Staff

Qualified teachers with the right attitude are employed. Minimum qualification is NCE. The care and gentle guidance of pupils is critical, hence only loyal, dedicated, highly motivated and experienced care-givers and teachers are retained. With our team of well trained, dedicated, motivated and experienced teachers, the education of your child is assured.

Our teachers knows it's more a "calling" than it is a "job". Quality education is important...and that takes great teachers. We know that quality education occurs when an environment is safe, stable and caring.

Our Facilities

The school is well equipped to meet international standard. We use multimedia, e.g DSTV, Computers, TV, DVD, VCD, CCTV, VSAT, Projectors etc. to impact knowledge to pupils.

Classroom environments are vibrant and educationally stimulating. Teachers make good use of the available space to display a variety of student art, writing and charted outcomes of other curriculum programmes.

Sports Facilities

The school is equipped with modern sports facilities like basket ball, volleyball, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton etc. for the children's psychomotor development.

Musical Facilities

Children are taught music. Full gospel band and marching band are available in the school.

E-Learning For Children

E-Learning is the use of electronic media, educational technology and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. E-lessons are designed to enhance the effectiveness of learning for a new generation of children. The school is an e-learning center. Step into the modern world of Educational Technology and E-Learning.

Future Prospect's of Graduates

  1. Graduates of DIVINE INTERVENTION MODEL SCHOOLS can further their educational career. In any university home or abroad, polytechnics, colleges of Education and other institutions of higher learning.

  2. Graduates of this school can be self-reliant or self-employed in their various field of life.

House System

To promote sporting activities and competition the school has four (4) houses. They are:
  1. An house
  2. Onu house
  3. Ochi house
  4. Ok house

Accreditation And Certification

Divine Intervention Model School as a secondary school will be running examinations involving:
  1. West African Examination Council (WAEC)
  2. National Examination Council (NECO).ETC


Divine Intervention Model School is approved by the ministry of education, Anambra State to function as a secondary school.

Contact Us

Contact Information

Your questions and comments are important to us. You can reach us by phone or email. We've got everything covered for your needs.

  • Campus 1: No 18/20 Nwokedi Street, Beside Angel Tobis Bread 3-3
  • Campus 2: Beside Fighter Bus-stop, Near Grace Land Estate, College Road 3-3.
  • divineinterventionmodelschool@yahoo.com
  • +234 08068515358

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